Lekrofon releases new music

New single from Vilnes – Gabriella

Another catchy single from Vilnes!

Gabriella is a groovy and funky pop tune with a dark side that hints of a guardian angel or inner demon that you’re not able to see or confide in, but you are sensing as your conscience makes it’s moves between guilt, innocence and choosing right from wrong in the dance of life. Gabriella, show yourself!


  • I have high hopes for Vilnes and his upbeat, positive sound! – Music For The Misfits
  • Full of personality, wit, and excitement, this song is a character all its own. – Unheard Gems
  • A groovy funky pop song –
  • Gabriella is soul and sun soaked indie pop.  – Chimeo


Last year brought Vilnes the Best Male Artist 2019 award from Radio – Wigwam (UK), playlisting at national radio in Norway, and lots of nice words and airplay in the world of indie pop. Spotify added several tracks to the Norwegian edition of New Music Friday and the Indielist.

Cover art: Photo by Gunnbjorg Gunnarsdottir