Lekrofon is a Norwegian indie record label run by Singstad Music.

The main focus of Lekrofon is to release and promote music on streaming services and other digital services.


Lekrofon releases and promotes music in various genres. Submissions are accepted for the Lekrofon label.

Lekrofon is also offering label management and promotion for indie artist.

Lekrofon is distributed by The Orchard.


  • Vilnes was awarded Best Male Artist 2019 by Radio Wigwam
  • Spellemannprisen, The Norwegian Grammy, for the 2018 album Permanent Vacation by Jørgen Sandvik.
  • Spellemannprisen, for the 2016 debut album by MK’s Marvellous Medicine. (Promotion by Lekrofon/Singstad Music)

Jørgen Sandvik was awarded the Norwegian Grammy, Spellemannprisen, for his first solo album.

Jørgen Sandvik was awarded the Norwegian Grammy for his forst solo album