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Album release – D’Accord – ONE

Press release from Lekrofon

D’Accord – ONE

Album Art: D'Accord

D’Accord – ONE is the remixed re-release of the critically acclaimed first self release from the Norwegian prog rock band D’Accord. The legendary cult album is now available on streaming services like Spotify for the first time! The original album is a collectible loved by the fans of the progressive hard rock of the seventies.

The themes of the album are dark, dealing with human conditions. Power, dominance and submission, and self indulgence are present in these songs concerning the struggle of life. The closing number Capitale Vendito deals with the idea that anything can be bought, owned and sold, including you!

These songs are performed with great energy and empathy, and the songs shifting moods and development keeps the listener engaged from start to finnish. The Rock’n’roll attitude of the band doesn’t allow for dwelling, D’Accord takes you for a ride.

D’Accord’s frontman Daniel Måge writes all the songs, plays guitars, keys, flute and is the lead vocalist. Stig Are Sund is the lead guitarist, providing the band with lots of classy guitar parts, like his solo on Capitale Vendito. Fredrik Horn is the master of keys, bringing his know- how from the world of classic piano. On this album drums are handled by Bjarte Rossehaug. Martin Sjoen plays the bass.

This version is remixed and produced by Daniel Måge and mastered by Fluid Mastering in London. The original was reprinted a few times, but then Daniel Måge decided that a remix was needed to make the album available once again. So he dug into the original files to see if it was possible to recreate this collector’s gem in a final version. Here it is, D’Accord first album in a proper sounding edition that is way better than the original! We sincerely hope that the world of prog rockers and others are ready to enjoy D’Accord – ONE!

The album is available on all major streaming services. Physical formats like CD and LP may be available on request. Further information at

Lekrofon · This Is The One


  1. Play By The Hall Rules – 12:09
  2. This Is The One – 4:40
  3. Bin – 5:42
  4. Time To Play – 8:29
  5. Capitale Vendito – 13:23

All songs by Daniel Måge. Mastered by Fluid Mastering, London. Released by Lekrofon. Distributed by The Orchard.

Press contact: Gaute Singstad,

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