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Vilnes – A Million Smiles

Cover art Vilnes - A Million Smiles

New music from Vilnes

The Norwegian with the amazing voice is once again releasing a pop masterpiece! A Million Smiles is his first single of 2021, and it is recommended by recommended by Deutschlandfunk Kultur in Germany and spinning on radio stations around the world. The song is also featured on Indielista by Spotify

A Million Smiles

“I wanna soar above the clouds so high, in a scenery,
Where I’m surrounded by a million smiles and all the love you could ever want”

The opening of the song sets the stage of a humdrum life. That inescapable feeling that we all can relate to. But what Vilnes really offers in his song, is to bring back the dreams and the urge to live, to take you away to where you can soar above it all, bringing relief in a way that only music can. A beautiful song and a world class performance. That’s Vilnes.


Radio, press and Spotify

Vilnes is favoured by indie net radios around the world since his first release. A Mllion Smiles is also played on major regional FM/DAB radios in Germany. The song was also selected for New Music Friday Norway and Indielista.

Vilnes is awesome, another great song!

Alan Wayne, Indie Star Radio, LA,USA | Podcast: Spreaker | IHeart | Spotify | AppleMusic |

We are happy to see that Vilnes brings joy to Germany:

Vilnes wunderschöne Nummer A Million Smiles.

La Trash 

The release is also covered by we love nordicTonSpion and the Hypemachine.

Radio 917xfm in Hamburg is one of the radio stations that added A Million Smiles to their rotation.

Jan Kubon of MDR Kultur hosted an acoustic session with Vilnes. Listen to the stream av MDR Kultur. 24 muniutes.

The new song from Vilnes is also heard on Radio Wigwam, BIG Indie Giant, Indie Star Radio, CowboyJoeRadio, SpiderWebRadio, Karens’s Indie at Belter Radio, Ejazz, Maestro FM, Caribbean Broadcast Network, and Good Music Radio.


The debut album is coming!

A Million Smiles is another great tune from the Vilnes songbook. The first album is scheduled for release later this year. Expect a lot of variation on the album! 

This year has been different. I have hardly seen my audience, and I miss the gigs and the sheer energy of it all. I hope that this song will be an “icebreaker”. I am here right now, ready to meet old and new friends.

Eivind Vilnes


The album was recorded in 2019, and scheduled for release in 2020. The Covid situation situation made this difficult, as touring was not an option. Vilnes hopes to be back on the road in 2021

This song was recorded and produced by Yngve L. Sætre in Duper Studios in Bergen, Norway. and released by Lekrofon. Distribution by The Orchard. Written and composed by Eivind Vilnes.

Lekrofon Records · Vilnes – A Million Smiles


Release information

  • Music Genre: Indie Pop
  • Similar bands/inspirations:  Jamie Lidell, Jamie Cullum, Allen Stone and Hozier.
  • Instruments: Vocals, piano, bass, drums and some electric guitar
  • Label: Lekrofon
  • Distribution: The Orchard
  • UPC: 195497630530
  • Photo: Gunnbjorg Gunnarsdottir
  • Music performed by Eivind Vilnes, Felix N Rudi, Jone Kuven, Ella Helén Bukkøy and Miriam Tumyr.

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