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New album from Whatever Happens, Don’t Be Yourself

Ignorance and Bad Decisions

Ignorance and Bad Decisions is the third album from the Norwegian band. The album was recorded live in the studio, during a few productive sessions in August 2021. Whatever Happens, Don’t Be Yourself is a free jazz ensemble creating razor-sharp cinematic atmospheres. Each song is different from the next, but still defined by the sound of the band. Nils Are Drønen is the main songwriter, but the recordings are truly a band effort. Like the two previous albums, Lasse Marhaug, the master of noise, plays an important role.

“Song can’t get smoother than this, from a beautiful vocal to a blissful trumpet solo, that will take the listener into another universe of pure bliss. Arrangement is perfectly balancing the instrumental parts with vocal ones. ”  Review by

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  1. Pietisten – 2:20
  2. Pomona – 2:35
  3. You Don’t Have To Be Yourself – 5:15
  4. My All (Wandering Soul) – 4:58
  5. No Evil – 4:36
  6. Ignorance And Bad Decisions – 3:07
  7. All Music Is Folk Music – 4:07
  8. Fire Blanket – 5:28
  9. Outro – 1:26

Album is released by Lekrofon. Produced by Nils Are Drønen. Mixed by Daniel Birkeland. Mastered by Espen Høydalsvik at Oslofuzz.

Whatever Happens, Don’t Be Yourself

Quote from review of the last album: «Simple Thoughts For A Troubled Mind» is a refreshing multifaceted album that explores many of the possibilities of jazz. I can imagine that Whatever is a band worth experiencing live» – Geir Rakvaag, Dagsavisen

In 2022 the band played at Nattjazz in Bergen and the AMR festival in Geneve, Switzerland.

Press photo: Whatever Happens, Don't Be Yourself!
Press photo 2022: Whatever Happens, Don’t Be Yourself!

Nils Are Drønen is educated at the Music Academy in Bergen. He has recorded and toured with artists like Kjetil Møster, Jørgen Sandvik, Jon Irabagon & John Hegre (Rune Gramofon) and more. Mads Berven won the Vossasjazz price in 2008. The Barcelona based Audun Waage is recognized for his spirited trumpet playing by Nils Henrik Sagvåg is like Aksel Røed and Isach Skeidvoll educated at the Grieg Academy in Bergen. Røed and Skeidvoll is also known from the up and coming band The General Post Office. Snorre Bjerck is known from sessions with Nils Petter Molvær, Arve Henriksen and more. He was awarded the Vossajazz prize in 2007. The very up and coming singer Nelly Moar provides lead vocals for Whatever Happens, don’t Be Yourself. The legendary master of noise, Lasse Marhaug provides both soundscapes and the cover art for this release.