Playlists is the main source for exploring new music. The records shops are gone. FM and DAB radio is programmed to conform to the major trends, and review of new music does not generate enough readers for the press. That is why playlists are so important for the discovery of new music.

Playlists are also the medium of choice to provide a good soundtrack to certain moods and occasions. Spotify is the leader of the game. Professional curators and computer analyses is the core of their playlist ecosystem. However, personal and private playlist is indeed vital to the music loving audience’s listening habits.

Several songs from Lekrofon has found it’s way into Spotify’s playlists and major private playlists. Lekrofon is also curating a few public playlists. A well curated playlist may provide a suitable listening experience to suit your needs, or simply a good selection of great tracks.

Please enjoy our playlists, or take contact if you need a curated end updated list for your needs.

Playlists curated by Lekrofon

The themes for our collection of playlists includes moods, genres and new music releases for adventorous listeners. The coffee-lists comes in two variations, a Norwegian and an international. Enjoy the lists, find your picks, and take contact if you need specifically curated playlists or radio channels for your business needs.

Breakfast Coffee – playlists curated for the morning mood

The Morgenkaffe list is for Norwegian artists only. Lyrics may be in our native language or English. The international version called Breakfast Coffe features both Norwegian and international artists with lyrics in English. Both version have a mix of new music and songs that may be well known. The idea is to provide a pleasant sound track for your breakfast, your commuting and when ever you need pleasant music.

During the corona crisis, an initiative to promote Norwegian music selected the “Morgenkaffe” playlist was selected as a showcase for Norwegian music.

Genres: traditional pop, rock and folk. Indie?

The Fresh Fruit Indie playlist

The Fresh Fruit Indie playlists was made as a note to myself to keep track of new releases. Then my daughter picked a few tracks from it, and some people started following it, and some artists reached out to have their music on the Fresh Fruit. The playlist is updated frequently with new tracks from both well known and underground artists and and bands. The main focus is guitar music from bands. According to me, there is a wave of new indie rock bands from the UK in the making. The best of new Norwegian indie is also featured in this list, including releases from Lekrofon.

More Spotify playlists

Please enjoy these playlists as well. All of the playlists are updated once in a while, some quite frequent. Remember that you may use the shuffle mood to vary the sequence!